Nike Metcon Flyknit 3 Cross Training Shoe (BRAND NEW FOR 2019)

Nike has just released their latest refinement to the Metcon Flyknit line. Let’s talk about the Nike Metcon Flyknit 3.

How does the Nike Metcon Flyknit 3 stack up versus the very popular Nike Metcon 4? Which is the right CrossFit training shoe for you?

The Nike Metcon line are intended to be cross training shoes – and more specifically these are CrossFit training shoes (even if they aren’t legally allowed to brand them as such.)

And as you know that means lifting heavy weights – both of the Olympic and powerlifting variety, running, jumping, rope climbs, and more.

These shoes have all the great features of the Nike Metcon line – plus FlyKnit material.

They’ve added synthetic overlays in high-wear areas such as the toe and lateral side to enhance durability.

It has also borrowed a bit from the Nike Free X Metcon. It’s got an even more bootie-like fit and appeal as compared to it’s predecessor.


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