Best Dumbbells For Your Home Gym (NEWEST GEAR 2019)

Let’s look at the best dumbbell choices for your home gym or garage gym.

Dumbbells are a staple of every gym and fitness center worldwide.

Because they work.

These affordable and versatile fitness tools have been used in strength training since the beginning of time.

But, before you splurge on purchasing a full set of dumbbells for your home gym, take a few moments to figure out what the best option will be for you.

We’ll present a variety of options here to meet any budget

Why Dumbbells For Your Home Gym?
Dumbbells are a great general purpose strength training and fitness tool.

You can use them standing or seated.

They are relatively light-weight – so ideal of a beginner.

They are relatively compact (except when you have lots of them!)

They allow you to train uni-laterally – meaning you can ensure your weak arm or limb is doing its fair share of the work. Dumbbells are great for improving symmetry or strength imbalances.

And they are a ubiquitous piece of gym equipment – buy them anywhere – including your local big box stores.

What sort of exercise can you do with dumbbells?

Bench press, overhead press, biceps curls, goblet squats, dumbbell rows (as shown here), there are endless options.


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