Best Dumbbells For Your Home Gym (NEWEST GEAR 2019)

Let’s look at the best dumbbell choices for your home gym or garage gym.

Dumbbells are a staple of every gym and fitness center worldwide.

Because they work.

These affordable and versatile fitness tools have been used in strength training since the beginning of time.

But, before you splurge on purchasing a full set of dumbbells for your home gym, take a few moments to figure out what the best option will be for you.

We’ll present a variety of options here to meet any budget

Why Dumbbells For Your Home Gym?
Dumbbells are a great general purpose strength training and fitness tool.

You can use them standing or seated.

They are relatively light-weight – so ideal of a beginner.

They are relatively compact (except when you have lots of them!)

They allow you to train uni-laterally – meaning you can ensure your weak arm or limb is doing its fair share of the work. Dumbbells are great for improving symmetry or strength imbalances.

And they are a ubiquitous piece of gym equipment – buy them anywhere – including your local big box stores.

What sort of exercise can you do with dumbbells?

Bench press, overhead press, biceps curls, goblet squats, dumbbell rows (as shown here), there are endless options.


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Study shows low carb diets increase calorie burn (LATEST RESEARCH 2018)

A new study published in the medical journal The BMJ shows that low carbohydrate diets cause people to burn more calories as compared to medium and high carb diets.[1]

The study showed that those who eat low carb diets may burn an extra 230 or more calories per day.

The purpose of this study was to test the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model.

Diet Concept, Healthy Lifestyle, Low Calorie Food, Low Carb Diet

This model theorizes that the increase of the hormone insulin after eating carbohydrates predisposes the body to store body fat rather than using the nutrients for energy.

Many foods high in carbohydrates such as simple sugars are known to greatly increase insulin levels. The impact these foods have on insulin can be estimated using the glycemic index and glycemic loads.

Foods with a high glycemic load will increase insulin more compared to low glycemic load foods.


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Study Predicts Minimal Life Expectancy Improvements for US


Study Predicts Minimal Life Expectancy Improvements for US

A new study published in the medical journal The Lancet shows that US life expectancies will improve minimally between now and the year 2040.[1]

The average life expectancy of a citizen of the US was 78.7 years in the year 2016.

In the year 2040, the average life span is expected to be only 79.8 years, for a meager 1.1 year increase.

This improvement is especially small compared to other Western nations.

In contrast, life expectancy improvements globally will average a gain of 4.4 years in the same time frame.


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The Importance of Aerobic Fitness

Low-angle view of male and female legs running on treadmill in g

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people with the highest levels of aerobic fitness have the least chance of death.

The study shows that lacking aerobic fitness is greater than or equal to traditional health risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and smoking.

In the study over 120,000 participants were tested for cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness on a treadmill. This is a significant improvement over other studies that have used self-reported exercise activity.

The bottom line that the participants who performed highest on the treadmill test, tended to have the least chance of death

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Functional Trainer (Cable Machine) Reviews (BEST EQUIPMENT 2018)


Functional Trainer (Cable Machine) Reviews (BEST EQUIPMENT 2018)

Let’s talk about functional trainers, also called cable machines.

What’s a functional trainer? It’s a cable machine that uses two independent weight stacks, pulleys, and cables (with handles) to provide unique workout benefits.

The pulleys and cable handles are height adjustable – and this lets you work from any angle.

The weight stack is normally selectorized, such that you can choose the desired weight quickly and easily by inserting a pin underneath the weight load.

Is the cable machine superior to free weights such as the barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell?



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Is the Mediterranean Diet Good for Longevity?


If you are searching for a nutrient-dense diet that may make you feel invigorated and help you live a long, healthy life, consider the Mediterranean Diet.

Studies show compelling evidence that this diet can increase lifespan.

We’ll review what the Mediterranean Diet is, and what are the possible reasons that a Mediterranean-style diet leads to a longer life.


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Whole30 Diet – Elimination Diet for Improved Health (GET STARTED TODAY!)

Paleo Hot Vegetable Salad with Riced Cauliflower substitute.

The Whole30 diet is a challenging elimination diet that is meant to make us rethink food, discover our intolerances and allergies, and to develop better eating habits that remain once the program completes. It promotes and works around whole foods from multiple food groups, except grains.

It is not a fad diet or a lose weight quick scheme. In fact, the creators of the program encourage us to throw out our scale because feeling great about our bodies on the inside is not a number. You can choose to weigh yourself, but keep in mind this isn’t a weight loss diet.

The 30-day challenge is about increased energy, breaking bad eating habits, a properly working digestive system, and improved mental focus. We don’t count calories on the plan, and although the foods can be restrictive, we only remove foods for 30 days before slowing adding them back into our diets. Hopefully, by the end of the diet, we will have discovered the foods or types of food that make us feel run down or sick.


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