The Importance of Aerobic Fitness

Low-angle view of male and female legs running on treadmill in g

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people with the highest levels of aerobic fitness have the least chance of death.

The study shows that lacking aerobic fitness is greater than or equal to traditional health risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and smoking.

In the study over 120,000 participants were tested for cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness on a treadmill. This is a significant improvement over other studies that have used self-reported exercise activity.

The bottom line that the participants who performed highest on the treadmill test, tended to have the least chance of death

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The GORUCK GR1 Backpack for Business Travel

The GORUCK GR1 backpack is not just for “rucking” – it’s a great bag for laptops and business travel.

GORUCK is a company that makes several products targeted to “rucking” – which is walking or hiking for distance with a loaded backpack.

The GORUCK GR1 backpack is their main product. It’s a tough, versatile, and good looking backpack that is considered a premium product.

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces (SF) physical training, so you’d expect this backpack to be too “tactical” for Every Day Carry (EDC), but that’s actually not the case.

One of the things I like about my GORUCK GR1 backpack is just how versatile it is – and it fits into nearly any setting – whether on the ruck march, in the field, or in the meeting room – or any other business setting.

Let’s talk here today about using the GORUCK GR1 for business travel.


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Functional Trainer (Cable Machine) Reviews (BEST EQUIPMENT 2018)


Functional Trainer (Cable Machine) Reviews (BEST EQUIPMENT 2018)

Let’s talk about functional trainers, also called cable machines.

What’s a functional trainer? It’s a cable machine that uses two independent weight stacks, pulleys, and cables (with handles) to provide unique workout benefits.

The pulleys and cable handles are height adjustable – and this lets you work from any angle.

The weight stack is normally selectorized, such that you can choose the desired weight quickly and easily by inserting a pin underneath the weight load.

Is the cable machine superior to free weights such as the barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell?



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Is the Mediterranean Diet Good for Longevity?


If you are searching for a nutrient-dense diet that may make you feel invigorated and help you live a long, healthy life, consider the Mediterranean Diet.

Studies show compelling evidence that this diet can increase lifespan.

We’ll review what the Mediterranean Diet is, and what are the possible reasons that a Mediterranean-style diet leads to a longer life.


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Titan Fitness Ruck Plates for the Ruck March


Ruck Plates let you add compact, heavy weight to your rucksack.

They provide a significant weight in a compact form factor.

Ruck plates fit conveniently in the laptop compartment, hydration pocket, or ruck plate sleeve (for rucksacks equipped as such) and ensure your other gear doesn’t get dinged up too much.

The compact form factor ensures you aren’t wasting space for other items you really need on the ruck march.

Why add weight to ruck march?

For the training effect. Build up your stamina and endurance of your upper body in preparation for the real deal.

Titan Fitness is a market disruptor in the fitness industry. They provide budget alternatives to high priced gear.

Is the quality the same as premium products? Not always.

But, in a lot of situations you just need something cheap and affordable.

Let’s face it – weight is weight.

The Titan Fitness 20 Lb Ruck Plate is a budget alternative to other name brand ruck plates.


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Best MOLLE Clips and Connectors


If you’ve got tactical gear with MOLLE, you know it helps make your gear super-customizable and versatile.

How do we connect attachments, pouches, and packs to this MOLLE?

We use MOLLE clips and connectors, such as carabiners.

There’s many types of options, and we’ll discuss them here.

Whether you want fast connect and disconnect, a robust interlock that won’t fail, or something in between – we’ll present the best MOLLE clips and connectors here.



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Best Women’s Olympic Barbell (UPDATED FOR 2018)


Athletic Blond Female Fitness Model Holding Heavy Barbell And Pr

women’s barbells have a shaft diameter of only 25 mm. Compare this to the 28 or 29 mm diameter of a men’s bar. It’s 10% less diameter.

And that means it’s easier to grip for those with smaller hands.

The better grip will be an important factor on the Olympic lifts such as the snatch, and clean and jerk.

Women’s bars are also not as long as a men’s bar. You give up about 3″ of loadable sleeve length – which means fewer bumper plates will fit on it.

As a consequence of that smaller diameter and shorter length a women’s barbell will also be lighter – there’s simply less mass involved.

A women’s barbell will typically weigh 15 kilograms (33 lbs) as opposed to 20 kilograms (44 lbs) for a men’s barbell.

Beyond that, to find the right women’s barbell, find the model that works best for what you intend to use it for.


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